Donna hacohen

Donna Naor HaCohen, director and producer of reality documentari and scripted

Selected projects

2017 Director shared a mosaic of several directors in collaboration with the Film School in Poland “Jerusalem from sunrise to sunset” 2010 Directed Documentary 24 ‘min. “The Boy From Breslav” (Muscle Life Producer) About the Braslavi teenager, with the support of the Second Authority, the educational television and the new film and television foundation. Producer Duco Concentration System: A major producer and coordinator of other documentary projects 2020 Principal Producer, 14 Films for Renewable Beth Hatefutsoth Museum, Chief Curator Orit Gower Shaham 2020 Principal Producer, Doco Series “The Prosecutor”, Lis Duku, Reuven Brodsky 2020 First Producer, Documentary – “Tommy Blitz” Here, I’ll Be A Directing Livni 2019 Main Producer, Docu Series – “Doing for Our Home”, Here, Ruthy Yuval and Sammy Peretz 2019 Principal Producer, The “Seeing the Voices” Project, to the Ministry of Social Equity with Yad Ben Zvi and Beit Hatfutsot 2018 Producer and System Coordinator, Docu Series – The Whistle of Movement, for Education, Naftali Klicksberg 2018 Producer and System Coordinator, Doco Series “Adolescents”, Network, Helit Levy 2017 Producer and System Coordinator, Doco Movie – “While You Addicted”, Keshet, Dror Gloverman and Halit Levy 2012 producer and editorial coordinator, documentary “History of the Prime Time”, for Channel 8, Rogel Alper 2004 Producer, documentary film “The Drivers of the Terror”, in a German production for ARTE 2000-1998 Production coordinator in the “Fada” program (Talad) Drama Producer: 2020 Principal Producer, “Tehran” Drama, for Kan 2016 lead producer, drama “It’s Not The Age”, for Rainbow 2019 Principal Producer, “The Dubbed” Drama, Lis 2019 lead producer, drama “Maybe Elephant”, here for educational 2016 Producer, drama “Uri Valle”, for HOT 2015-2017 Producer, drama “Elisha” Season 1 + 2 + 3 + 4, for the HOT children’s channel 2014 Producer, drama “Wild Horses”, for the children’s channel “Zoom” HOT 2013 + 2015 Producer, drama “Nerds Club Season 1 + 2”, for the children’s channel “Zoom” HOT 2012 executive producer, drama “Injured Head,” for HOT channel 2009 Producer, “Kupiko” Comedy Drama for Children, Sumyoko-Audi Staff, for Yes Additional productions: 2019 Principal Producer, Doco Kids “Save the Wildlife”, Here Educational 2017 main producer, “VIP Vacation”, for Rainbow, “Erez Dan Productions” 2017 Top Producer, “Best Tasty in the World”, for Rainbow, “Erez Dan Productions” 2012 Producer, Children’s Entertainment “The Dog of the Country,” for the children’s channel, “Gil Productions” 2013 Producer, Doco Reality “The Only”, for HOT 2012 Producer, Doco Reality “Goldstar Season 2”, for HOT 2011 producer, Doco Reality, “Relate Where” “Meter” for Channel 10 2008 Producer, Abbott-Rape-Meiri’s “Survivor Finals,” for Channel 10 2007 Executive Producer, “The Kitchen” Kuperman, for Channel 2, “Rainbow” 2007 Actual Producer, “The Next Big Thing” Reality, for Channel 2, “Network” 2006 executive producer, “Whole World Hear” Productions Age, for Channel 2, “Rainbow” 2005-2006 Executive Producer, “Dancing with the Stars” Age Productions, for Channel 2 “Network” (Season 1 and 2) 2005 Executive Producer, “Date of Straight” Age Productions, for Talad 2004 Production Manager, Post Producer and Production Coordinator for the Runners-Up Program (First Season)



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