Firma Films

Adar Shafran

FIRMA FILMS is a film production house based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Founded in 2008 by Adar Shafran and Roni Abramowsky out of enduring passion for filmmaking, FIRMA FILMS, specializes in feature films, TV series, short films and a variety of other creative projects. With hundreds of shooting days and numerous successfully executed co-productions and service productions under our belts, FIRMA FIMS is guided by sensitivity for the unique character and integrity of each individual project, from early development to fostering close personal connections between the filmmakers with whom we collaborate.

Selected projects


2021-“Running On Sand ” producer , Director feature film 2021-“You’ll never walk alone ” producer Tv series by Hanan Savyon&Guy Amir 2021-“Fire Dance ” producer Tv series – Kuma studios by Rama burstein , YES TV 2021-“Greener Pastures” producer feature film by Matan Gugnhaim & Asaf Abiri 2020-“Forgiveness” producer feature film – by Hanan Savyon,Guy Amir 2019-“Douz Points” producer mini series(3 episodes) – Daniel Sirkin 2017-” MAKTUB ” feature film – producer , Oded Raz,Hanan Savyon,Guy Amir. (the most succssesful film in Israel in the last 32 years , sold to Netflix 2018-“MAKTUB American version” producer (in development) feature film 2018-“Magen David Darom” TV series – main producer .Ofir Lobel , Reshet TV 2018 – “Dina Malul Fights Back” short film , producer/director 2017 – “Truth Or Dare” short film , producer , Elinor Bar 2016-“Through the wall(The wedding Plan)” feature film , associate producer &manager of distribution , Rama Burstein – Norma production – Venice Film Festival, won 3 Israeli Academy awards 2016-“The 90 minutes war” feature film -associate producer &manager of distribution , Eyal Halfon – norma production 2015 – ” What could happen” feature film – producer , a film by Ofir Lobel



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