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Katzir Films

Yael Katzir

I am an independent documentary film maker and an educator. I was the head of Beit Berl Academic Collège Communal TV which was aired country wide for over 10 years. Also I have directed and produced independently many film which won international awards like: Company Jasmine; Shivah for my Mother; Violins in wartime; Praying in her own voice( About the women of the wall) and Shores of Light, ( about the DP camps in Italy) The Albanian Code and more…All my films have contributed to knowledge of unknown themes. Having a PhD in GI eneral – history helps me a lot to find interesting topics.

Selected projects

I did not do any series but only a long list of documentary films. here are a few and most of them are listed on my web www.yaelkatzir.com



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