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Movie Plus Productions is an independent production company founded by David Mandil. The company specializes in producing full-length feature films, drama series and documentaries including international co-productions. Over the years, the company has produced more than 25 full-length films.

Among her films: “Footnote”, “Beaufort” which were nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars; “A Tale of Love and Darkness,” directed by Natalie Portman; “Norman” by Joseph Cedar, starring Richard Gere, Steve Bushmy and Charlotte Ginsburg and more. Moby Plus has also produced a variety of drama series that have been sold and distributed around the world: “Miguel” (AppleTV, Canal +), two seasons of “A Very Important Man” (FX), “The Boys” (HBO and KI) “Deus”, “Mixed Jerusalem” And more.

Selected projects

2017 – Norman – The Steep Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Maacher – Directed by Joseph

2016 – Moon in House 12 – Director Dorit Hakim.

2015 – A Story of Love and Darkness – Director Natalie Portman Burg – Director Shira Geffen Hakafot – Director Lee Gilat Emek – Director Sophie Artus Pension Fracht – Director Tamar Yarom

2014 – The Flower of the Doves – directed by Nissim Dayan

2013 – A Place in Heaven – Director Yossi Madmoni

2012 – The Dealers – Director Oded Davidoff Get Off the Tree – Director Gur Bentevich

2011 – Footnote – Director Yosef Cedar. My beautiful sister – director Marco Carmel.

2007 – Beaufort: Director – Joseph Cedar.

2004 – Tribal Fire: May – Yosef Cedar.

2000 – The arrangement: May – Yosef Cedar. Mini-series / dramas / TV shows:

2021 – Embezzlement – Yotam Gandelman and Shira Porat 2019 The Boys – Yosef Cedar, Hagai Levy and Tawfiq Abu Will

2012/2018 – A very important man – TV series directed by Shirley Mosheif.


Phone:  03-5164373

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