Pedro Films

Ori Sternfeld

PEDRO-FILMS was founded in 2018 by Ori Szternfeld, a producer and director of fiction and documentary content for TV and cinema. Ori opened PEDRO-FILMS after working for several years as a line producer of veriews TV series. At first, the company focused on producing advertisements and music videos ,mostly for the international market. Later on, it expanded towards producing documentary films and short fiction films. PEDRO-FILMS produced THE THERAPY, a documentary feature directed by Zvi Landsman. THE THERAPY was broadcasted in IPBC-KAN11 and was produced with the support of several funds including the Sundance documentary film fund and won the special jury award in Docaviv2021 film festival. PEDRO-FILMS has overseas collaborations, including producing and directing short documentaries for BBC. Ori is a graduate of the Sam-Spiegel film school.

Selected projects

Projects, feature films and TV Dramas list THE THERAPY, Groysberg (short fiction), Lone Soldier (short fiction), ads to Lightricks, Mattel (Barbie), Strauss-Elite and mant others.


Phone: 972-547000789

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