Topia Communications (2003) Ltd.

Michael Sharpstein

Topia Communications, under the direction of producer Michael Sharpstein, was established in 2003. It is a company that produces motion pictures, co-productions, TV series and documentaries. Partners in the company: Michael Sharpstein, Moshe Edri and Leon Edri (United King Films), who also own the largest cinema complex in Israel – Cinema City.

Michael Sharpstein, a veteran Israeli producer, has worked in the film industry since 1970 and has produced many films and television films that have won many awards (both in Israel and international awards). Among the films he has produced: “Lena” (Director: Eitan Green), “Until the End of the Night” (Director: Eitan Green), “A Very Narrow Bridge” (Director: Nissim Dayan), “Fictitious Marriage” (Director: Haim Bouzaglo), ” Lilsada “(Director: Shemi Zarchin),” Cup Final “(Director: Eran Riklis),” Apprenticeship “(Director: Uri Barbash),” Criminal Reporter “(Director: Haim Bouzaglo),” The Great Fantasy of Little Simiko “(Director : Arik Lubetzky).

In recent years, the company has produced co-productions, including “Playoff” directed by Eran Riklis (Israeli-German-French co-production), “Rock in the Casbah” directed by Yariv Horowitz (Israeli-French co-production), “Kidon” directed by Emanuel-Israel Nakash ( Starring Bar Refaeli). “Spider on the Net” by director Eran Riklis starring Ben Kingsley, Monica Bellucci and Itai Tiran (Israeli-Belgian-Dutch-Portuguese co-production).

In addition, Topia Communications has produced many more successful Israeli films in recent years, including: “Leap of the Rising” directed by Oren Stern, “Apples from the Desert” directed by Arik Lubetzky and Matti Harari, “Sand Birds” by director Amir Wolf, “Journey to the Ring” directed by Arik Lubetzky and Matti Harari, “Cracks” directed by Arik Lubetzky and “Battle of the Air” which is currently in post-production.

Selected projects

Leapfrog, Apples from the Desert, Sandbirds, The Journey of the Ring, Cracks, Playoffs, Rock in the Casbah, Grips, Spider in the Net, Apprenticeship, Criminal Reporter, Jaffa Pictures


Phone: 03-6297222 / 054-5400687

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