Ttv Productions Ltd.

Zafrir Kochanovsky

TTV Productions is an international production company that develops and produces features, drama series, sitcoms, documentaries, animation and TV formats of all genres. As a boutique company, TTV Productions emphasizes being involved in projects through every phase: from development to script writing, fundraising, filming, editing, and up to distribution. TTV works closely with all major Israeli broadcasters, as well as with international networks and production companies such as Netflix, BBC, Radio Canada Society, HBO and Fox. Since its establishment, the company has become one of the leading content and production companies in Israel’s TV and film industry. Zafrir Kochanovsky, founder of the company, is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in England (RADA). After working as an actor in London, he returned to Israel and worked as a film and theater actor and director. Today Zafrir plays a prominent part in the creative process of writing and creating many of the company’s scripts, concepts and productions. His drama series “A Touch Away” won 8 Israeli TV Academy Awards”. TTV’s most recent feature film is “The Angel” (2018), a Netflix Original, profiles Marwan Ashraf, the Egyptian spy who alerted Israelis of the Egyptian offensive that became the Yom Kippur War of 1973. TTV’s most recent documentary projects include “And I Was There”, “Next Generation” (2020) co-produced with the Bulgarian company “Di Industry Ltd.”, “The Patriot” (2017), co-produced with the Canadian company Intuitive Pictures and distributed by CAA; “Trip of Compassion” (2017); “The Standup Comediennes” (2017); “Children of the Moon” (2017); “Conclusive Evidence” (2016); and “The Binding of Yitzhak” (2015). The most recent notable drama projects include three seasons of the TV sitcom “My Sister Skipped a Grade” (2017, 2018, 2019), two seasons of “Where Do You Live” (2015, 2017) and the teen series “Deep in the Water” (2014).


Selected projects

Memory Forest (*In Production 2021), Children of Light (*In Production 2021), The Spies Family (*In Production 2021), Budapest Diaries (*In Production 2021), Smugglers Network (*In Production 2021), And I Was There (2020), Next Generation (2019), My Sister Skipped a Grade (2017, 2018, 2019), The Angel (2018), Between You and Me (2018), Where Do You Live (2015, 2017), Trip Of Compassion (2017), The Patriot (2017), Children of the Moon (2017), The Standup Comediennes (2017), Conclusive Evidence (2016), What A Drama (2016), The Binding Of Yitzhak (2015), If Not Now (2015), Deep In The Water (2014), 20 Years On (2014), The Talent Show (2014), Congratulations (2014), Habima Drama Studio (2012), Tartakover (2012), Chat Roulette (2012), The Last Nazi Hunter (2011), Thou Shalt Not Dance (2011), Another Life (2010), Happy Holidays with Uncle Kopatz (2010-2013), Who Do You Think You Are? (2010), Finger on the Pulse (2009-2010), Maor’s Sparks (2009), Refugees (2008), The Dream Weavers (2008), Look into my Eyes (2008), Champions of Life (2008), Business as Usual (2008), The Jurors (2008), A Touch Away (2007), Dancing Alfonso (2007), Black Over White (2007), Muted Victims (2007), Real Men (2006), Cinderellas (2006), In The Footsteps of Hatred (2005), Roi Wants to Dance (2005), Do They Catch Children Too? (2003), Dimonites (2003), In The Beginning (2003), Beyond the tears (2002), Anyone Has His Onn Everest (2002), The Party With Yuval Kaspin (2002-205), Kadish for Naomi (2000), From There To Here (1998), Meeting point (1998), Here and There in the Land of Israel (1997), Someone Spoke (1997)



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