What We Do:

Safeguarding Our Creative Industry
The Israeli Producers Association works tirelessly to make sure producers and creators can continue to tell their stories freely to Israelis and to the world.

Pushing For Freedom Of Speech
We put growing efforts into preventing censorship political involvement and attempts to silence creators in television and film.

Working to Bring Funds For More Stories
We work to bring funds from broadcasters and the government to create great production for low cost, so Israeli stories can continue to be told.

Advocacy, Legislation, and Regulation
We work with the government and legislators to promote and guard Israeli content and the uniqueness of Israeli creativity.

what we offer

Protect public broadcasting

Protect public broadcasting in Israel from efforts to censor its programs

Internship programs

Internship programs, bringing in international & local interns through various Jewish programs

Programs for the ultra-orthodox community

Integrating the ultra-orthodox community into the world of production; enabling them to enter new career paths in Israel's creative industries

Programs for Olim immigrants

Incorporating programs that include and empower new Olim immigrants in Israel’s creative sectors

On-site tours

On-site tours of successful shows broadcasted internationally such as FAUDA and Shtisel

Voice to the Diaspora

Expanding the voice to the Diaspora in Israel

Meetups and events with the leading producers and creators of the Israeli industry

We hold and participate in events in the U.S. and in Israel involving leaders from the Israeli creative community, screenwriters, actors and producers.

programs for Arab - Israeli citizens

Promoting programs to give Arab - Israeli citizens greater opportunities in the creative industries