d איגוד מפיקי הטלוויזיה והקולנוע בישראל – איגוד מפיקי הטלוויזיה והקולנוע
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“FIPA is dedicated to strengthening & protecting the Israeli Creative Industry and helping bring Israeli stories to the entire world.”

The Israeli Film & TV Producers Association (IPA) is a non-profit working to protect & strengthen the  Israeli TV and film creative industry. The IPA engages stakeholders to address issues related to production of film and television in Israel, broadcasting levis. inadequate funding,  public broadcasting, freedom of creation and speech and more. Established in 1981, the IPA has worked to allow more original Israeli content to be produced for TV and film in Israel.
It has been involved in all major legislative efforts in the past several years, such as The Media Law (Bezeq and Services) from 1982, the Film Law of 1999, the National Broadcast Law of 2014, the COVID Compensation plan(2020_ and the Government Rebate Plan for foreign productions shot in Israel 2022) and currently representing and advocating for ongoing issues

The Friends of the Israeli Producers Association (FIPA) is a 501(c)3 founded to support Israeli producers’ and artists’ efforts to describe Israel through stories, films, documentaries, and television series. By portraying Israeli stories on screen, creators can address sensitive subjects, social issues, and emotional struggles to show Israel in a different light rather than the usual focus on wars and terror.

FIPA is helping the efforts to sustain and strengthen the creative industry through major challenges and threats and allows producers to raise donations for their creative projects for their completion.


  • Inadequate funding & limited market size threatens the present and future of the industry.
  • Showing Israel in a different light outside the new cycles,, terror and war.
  • Censorship of creative effors, TV, films and documentaries.
  • Giving a place for diverse and underprivileged groups and issues on the screen.

Donations to the Friends of the Israeli Producers Association, which is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, are critical to strengthening Israel’s creative industry and to our stories to be told around the world. Your donation will have a real impact!

Contact us at:  info@Israeliproducers.org |  +972-3-5606229 | U.S.+310.359.9336