About IPAC

The Israeli TV and Film Producers Association (IPAC) was founded in 1981.

For 4 decades The Producers association has been leading the efforts in regulating the industry in Israel, promoting laws and decisions, helping the production of more original Israeli content for TV and film, in Israel and spreading out globally. 

IPAC has been involved in all the major legislation efforts in the past several years, such as The Film Law of 1999 and all of its updates, The National Broadcast Law of 2014 and its updates, The Media Law (Bezeq and Services) from 1982 and all its updates regarding paid TV and in front of the Israeli Parliament and Government, in dozens of decisions and daily deliberations. 

Our Mission

IPAC is also working with its partners abroad, to strengthen the Israeli industry and original content on the global level. 

Most recently, IPAC has worked on bringing back the industry to work during COVID19 crisis, with alternatives to insurance for productions, producing certificates for restarting filming, agreements with professional unions, broadcasters, compensation and more.


IPAC Goals

Preserve, grow and strengthen

the television and film industry in Israel, by all means at its disposal.


promote legislation and resources for the benefit of the original work.

Working with the broadcasting bodies

to promote the common understandings regarding the adequacy of production and concern for the quality and quantity of investment in an original work.


with other trade unions, in order to preserve the rights of all those involved in ensuring the original in Israel, from the main producer to a water boy.

Professional Training

of its members, and provides new knowledge and regular updates on what is happening in the industry and the activities of the association.

Special projects

and local and international collaborations in various fields.


strengthen the production professions and the status of the producer in the country.

Care of members

ongoing advice and response to the needs of members. exclusive services and benefits for members.


anchor the place of the local work on the screens in Israel and for information and publicity activities that will create a favorable public opinion for the original production in Israel.

The Israeli TV and Film Producers Association


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