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"The Friends of The Israeli TV & Film Producers Association's mission is to support and enhance the vibrancy and multiple dimensions of Israel through the creative endeavors of the industry. Our NFP will enable more stories that need to be told and more voices that need to be heard."

The Israeli Producers Association (IPA) serves as a professional advocacy organization working to protect and strengthen the Israeli TV and film creative industry. Established in 1981, IPAC is one of the oldest associations of its kind, building up and promoting the Israeli creative industry for more than 40 years, through professional training, international relations, pitching events, incubators, festivals, intra-industry agreements, and more.

Our members proudly represent Israel and produce TV, movies, documentaries, advertisements, short films, digital videos, and films. For 4 decades The Producers Association has been leading the efforts in regulating the industry in Israel, promoting laws and decisions, helping the production of more original Israeli content for TV and film, in Israel, and spreading out globally. The IPA has been leading the efforts in regulating the industry in Israel, promoting laws and decisions, and helping the production of more original Israeli content for TV and film, in Israel.

We are proud to announce the launch of FIPA – The Friends of the Israeli Producers Association (FIPA) a bridge between Israel and the United States, FIPA was founded to strengthen and grow the creative industry, in support of Israeli producers and artists fighting to produce and tell the Diaspora of Israel through stories, Films, Documentaries, and Television.

“Together we can enhance the country as a whole, contributing to a cause that makes a difference in Israel’s creative handprint TODAY & TOMORROW.” In the coming year, we aim to raise charitable donations and grow our community, developing our programs, forging new partnerships, and exploring innovative avenues for the Diaspora of Israel’s voice, ensuring that our collective efforts create lasting change in Israel’s creative industry and beyond.

Donors have the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives, and on the way, Israel is portrayed worldwide. FIPA brings the opportunity to create and tell our stories, so we are never forgotten. Donations to the Friends of the Israeli Producers Association, which is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, are critical to our efforts to strengthen Israel’s voice abroad and its creative industry in Israel. Please— help us make a difference!

Israeli Producers Association (IPA) also works with its partners abroad, to strengthen the Israeli industry and original content on a global level.

Most recently, IPA has worked on bringing back the industry to work during COVID-19 crisis, with alternatives to insurance for productions, producing certificates for restarting filming, agreements with professional unions, broadcasters, compensation, and more.


tick Israel is mostly viewed in the context of terror and war.
tick Inadequate funding & limited market size prevents the industry from reaching its full potential.
tick Censorship threats to films and documentaries.
tick Disadvantaged and diverse groups are underrepresented in our industry.


Protect Public Broadcasting

Protect public broadcasting in Israel from efforts to censor its programs.

Internship programs

Internship programs, bringing in international & local interns through various Jewish programs

Programs for Olim immigrants

Incorporating programs that include & empower new Olim immigrants in Israel’s creative sectors.

Programs for the ultra-orthodox community

Integrating the ultra-orthodox community into the world of production; enabling them to enter new career paths in Israel's creative industries

On-site tours

On-site tours of successful shows broadcasted internationally such as FAUDA and Shtisel

programs for female producers

Creating programs to bring female producers into fields heretofore dominated by men.

programs for Arab - Israeli citizens

Promoting programs to give Arab - Israeli citizens greater opportunities in the creative industries